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My husband and I enjoy dining at our favorite restaurants on Friday nights. Unfortunately, my spouse and I weren’t able to visit one of our favorite eateries last Friday evening. Early in the afternoon last Friday, the weather around our home became threatening. Dangerous lightening pierced the skies. Rain fell at staggering rates. For over an hour, we experienced some frightening weather. After the storm passed, we ventured outside to survey the damage. One of my husband’s beloved pine trees split into two pieces during the storm. We were devastated. If you’ve recently suffered storm damage at your home, consider consulting with a damage contractor. On this blog, you will discover the most common services damage contractors provide.

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Home Remodeling 101: 3 Projects To Tackle After Storm Damage

A natural disaster, such as a flooding or a hurricane, can be devastating to your home. The silver lining in all of the mess? Remodeling after a severe storm is often a great idea. After all, you'll need to restore your home to its former glory. So it's the perfect time to make those changes you've always wanted. While you might get carried away with the aesthetics of your home, don't forget about the essentials.

So which projects should you do after your home suffers from a natural disaster? Here are three:

1. Address The Basement

During the storm, your basement probably flooded. If so, remodeling your basement is a great idea. The storm and resulting water damage can tell you which areas of the basement are prone to moisture issues. In addition, you can spiff up the basement by finishing it – if it was unfinished. You could also finally designate the basement as a usable room, such as a laundry or game room. Whether you want to finish the basement or simply make it stronger, remodeling it in the aftermath of a severe storm is a good idea.

2. Strengthen The Walls

Another good project to tackle in the aftermath of a storm is your walls. After a severe storm, your walls are probably a little damaged. They might have holes or chunks missing. The paint may be uneven. The walls could even have a mold issue. Whatever the problem is, you can easily fix it with a little remodeling.

Upgrading your walls to feature moisture-resistant materials, such as cement boarding, is a good idea. The same thickness as drywall, this material holds up much better to water damage. This is fantastic, especially if you live in a wet climate that is prone to flooding.

3. Redo The Flooring

If your home experienced any type of flooding, you will likely need to replace your flooring. So if you've had your eye on a new type of flooring, now is the time to install it. If you want to upgrade to new carpet, you'll likely need to buy the carpet and the carpet padding. However, if you live in a flood prone area you might want to eliminate the carpet. Tile is a great option for most homes. It's naturally resistant to water damage and it comes in a variety of styles. Just make sure you stay away from tile, laminate, and expensive carpets –as these will be costly to replace.

While natural disasters can wreak havoc on your home, there's no need to worry. Now is the perfect time to remodel your home to make it even better than it was before. If you are interested in learning more, contact a professional home remodeling contractor in your area.