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My husband and I enjoy dining at our favorite restaurants on Friday nights. Unfortunately, my spouse and I weren’t able to visit one of our favorite eateries last Friday evening. Early in the afternoon last Friday, the weather around our home became threatening. Dangerous lightening pierced the skies. Rain fell at staggering rates. For over an hour, we experienced some frightening weather. After the storm passed, we ventured outside to survey the damage. One of my husband’s beloved pine trees split into two pieces during the storm. We were devastated. If you’ve recently suffered storm damage at your home, consider consulting with a damage contractor. On this blog, you will discover the most common services damage contractors provide.

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How Can You Know If Your Home Has A Serious Mold Problem?

There are certain situations where mold is unquestionably an issue. If you've recently experienced a major flooding event, there's a relatively high likelihood your home will experience substantial mold growth. Unless you act quickly to remove moisture from your home, you may begin to notice heavy mold growth in less than two days.

However, mold can be a far more insidious problem. In many cases, mold will grow in residential structures for years, causing subtle air quality issues that occupants may easily attribute to other causes. Hidden mold is arguably a more severe issue than easily visible mold because it can spread throughout your home completely undetected.

How Can You Know If Your Home Has a Mold Problem?

Most homes will include at least some mold growth. Most mold species found indoors are relatively harmless, and mold found in persistently damp areas, such as around showers, rarely poses any health hazard. However, more dangerous molds can take up root in hidden areas, including beneath sinks or near undetected leaks.

If you can't see any signs of mold, you can pay attention to other, more subtle indications. Pay attention to unusual musty or damp smells, especially outside bathrooms or other areas where moisture isn't usually present. Serious allergy symptoms that seem to worsen inside your home may be an indication of an ongoing mold problem.

When you notice these signs, it's important to work with a professional mold testing company to determine if there's a genuine problem. Professional mold testing can help you determine definitively if dangerous mold is present in your home, allowing you to take quick action. Likewise, it can help you rule out a mold problem, allowing you to avoid unnecessary remediation efforts.

What Are Your Next Steps If You Find Mold?

If a professional test turns up harmful mold spores in your home, remediation should always be your next step. However, the remediation process will vary depending on the extent of the problem and the underlying cause. Start by contacting a professional mold remediation company to complete a more thorough inspection of your home.

In most cases, the first step for any remediation process will be to locate and remove any sources of moisture. Your mold contractors will want to determine why mold is growing in your home since removing the existing mold won't prevent it from returning. Once they determine the cause, they can also determine how much of your home is affected.

The remediation process may include cleaning, demolition, and using special fungicidal primers, paints, and treatments. You may need to remove or treat affected porous surfaces such as drywall since it's often impossible to clean these materials fully. While dealing with an extensive hidden mold problem can be costly, it's crucial to ensure your home's air remains as safe and clean as possible. 

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